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  • Charlene Sims, Journal staff

Fire board members, extra fire equipment discussed by commissioners

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

MOUND CITY – Members of the Linn County Fire Board and their terms was a point of discussion in the meeting of the Linn County Commission on Monday, Aug. 15. At the previous week’s meeting, Commissioner Rick James asked county Fire Chief Randy Hegwald to gather information on members of the board.

Hegwald told the Commissioner Rick James that he had not been able to find exact information on the terms of the fire board members. He reported that the members are Don Proffitt, Russell Beth, Eddie Anderson, Mike Vrban, Donnie Rhynerson, Jeff Wisdom and Rodney Benson.

McCullough asked why Hegwald was asked about fire board members.

James said, “I asked about it because we need to figure out who is on the board, these boards, so that when the new commissioner comes on. I want to get it all squared away and right for the first time in a long time.”

County Counselor Gary Thompson said that he thought that the positions were three-year terms and the bylaws stated that officers were elected annually.

Hegwald said that he would look into the terms further and bring back information to next week’s meeting.

Commissioner Danny McCullough said maybe some young people could be appointed to these boards.

Hegwald told the commissioners he had been doing some cleaning at the stations and had found a lot of equipment that was not being used. He said that some was structural gear for the firefighters that was no longer safe to use and equipment that might be able to be used by other county offices. Lamb will prepare a resolution to make the equipment surplus so that it could be taken to the landfill or given to other offices.

Hegwald also told the commissioners that he had found that some of the auto aid or mutual aid agreement with cities had expired in 2018 and needed to be updated.

“We have some issues we need to look at on those aid agreements,” said Hegwald.

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