Former Linn County Sheriff Paul Filla passes away

Updated: Jul 7

MOUND CITY – Former Linn County Sheriff Paul Filla, 75, died on Saturday, April 9, according to a release by Linn County Sheriff Kevin Friend.

Filla served in law enforcement beginning in 2001 as a deputy sheriff. He served in that capacity until January 2009 when he was appointed as the La Cygne chief of police in the spring of 2009.

Filla was then elected to be Linn County Sheriff and began his term on Jan. 14, 2013, serving in that office until his retirement in September 2019.

"Sheriff Filla touched many lives throughout his career and was considered a friend and mentor to all," Friend said in the statement.

Prior to his career in law enforcement, Filla served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Friend said Fill brought a vast amount of leadership to his position as a law enforcement officer.

"Sheriff Filla will be sadly missed by all at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office," Friend said. "We offer our thoughts and prayers to his family."

At the Linn County Commission meeting on Monday, several people talked about Filla and what he had done for the county.

In the commission prayer, County Counselor Gary Thompson prayed for comfort to Filla’s family.

When the commission meeting began, Commissioner Rick James noted that Filla had been Linn County Sheriff, La Cygne Police Chief, and more importantly to James, he had been a United States Marine for 25 years. James served several years in the Marine Corps as well.

James said that his prayers go out to Filla’s wife, Lynne, and family and he hopes that the county employees will reach out and give their condolences as well.

Commission Chair Jim Johnson discussed what the county could do about employees attending the funeral. County Clerk David Lamb said that they had previously closed county offices for half a day so employees could attend a funeral of Deputy Stacy Murrow earlier this year..

Johnson and James asked Lamb if he could contact Kansas Senator Caryn Tyson to see if she would contact the governor about lowering the flag to half mast the day of Filla’s funeral.

American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson expressed condolences to Filla's family. Anderson said that AMR had worked for years and years, side by side, with Filla and his staff at the sheriff’s department. "He was a great partner and a friend of all first responders so our thoughts go out to his family."

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