Group plans Friday protest at Linn County Courthouse

MOUND CITY – A group of people is planning a protest on Friday, Sept. 10, at 11 a.m. to bring attention to what the organizer says is a failure of the Sixth Judicial District to protect children and other victims against sex crimes.

Organizer Michael Braim, a Fort Scott resident, said courts in the Sixth Judicial District, which includes, Linn, Bourbon and Miami counties, had shown a long pattern of failing to protect children and other victims.

While the event is partly in reaction to reports that Lonnie Shane Martin, who is accused of sexually abusing a young girl, will get a lenient plea deal, Linn County Attorney Burton Harding said that no such agreement has been reached.

Harding did say, however, that his office's difficulty in prosecuting the case is due in large part to lack of information left from the previous prosecutor.

"There has been no plea entered, nothing signed, and nothing substantive done on this case," Harding said.

But Braim believes the problem is not just the Martin case.

"We plan to let the 6th Judicial know that we will not tolerate this from a system that was set in place to protect those who can't protect themselves," he said in an email statement.

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