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Health department administrator explains workers' duties

Updated: Aug 2

MOUND CITY – Linn County Health Department Administrator Missy Lancaster gave the commissioners a week’s worth of documentation from each employee at the health department on how their time is spent.

On Monday, July 11, Lancaster, in answer to questioning last week, showed the commissioners how the employees, not only provide services but have to chart and document everything they do.

From now on, they will be doing daily numbers, but the information will not be as in depth as what commissioners were given today, said Lancaster. This is to show you what all the work is besides just seeing patients.

Lancaster had the commissioners look at the LPN’s charting. The LPN during one day had 13 COVID cases, emails, and worked on communicable diseases.

She said that any time there was a communicable disease in Linn County, the health department has to investigate it. The same with animal bites which are a lot of work. She said that staff also had staff meetings, outreaches and all of the phone calls they get everyday.

Lancaster explained that when an employee gave a shot they weren’s just giving a shot. It was the preparation beforehand, actually giving the shot and the charting afterwards.

Last week, the employees had an active shooter class on Tuesday afternoon that showed them how to handle a shooter in their building and improve building safety features.

On Wednesday this week, there will be not be any nursing services because there is a public health meeting in Chanute, said Lancaster.

Lancaster said that the health department did Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) programs on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Lancaster reported to the commissioners that there were 85 people at the health promotion program at the La Cygne pool on Friday. The health department paid everyone’s fee to get in, gave out prizes like beach towels and pool toys and sunscreen, along with sun safety information.

The health department will do the same this Friday at the Pleasanton Pool.

Lancaster said she would be working on grants and quarterly reports the rest of this week.

After going into executive session with the commissioners, the commissioners moved to name Amanda Snyder assistant to the health department with no change in her current salary.

Lancaster announced that the health department would be doing sanitary inspections of the schools. She said this was a new statute that she had learned about at an administrator’s forum.

County Counselor Gary Thompson had looked over the statute, and he said that it said that the public health officer shall do sanitary inspections at the schools. These inspections will include checking for cleanliness, water temperature of sinks in bathrooms, whether toilets flushed and there were no sewage leaks.

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