Health department moves into COVID endemic mode

MOUND CITY – On Monday, April 11, Linn County Health Department Director, Missy Lancaster told the Linn County Commissioners that the health department would not be giving COVID vaccinations on Wednesday, April 13, but instead on Thursday.

Lancaster said that all of the nurses would be at a meeting on Wednesday.

Lancaster updated the commissioner that as of April 1, Governor Laura Kelly announced that the State of Kansas was transitioning to COVID-19 endemic state.

“So it’s here, we know it’s here. We’ll handle it like the flu, still we’ll respond as needed,” said Lancaster.

Lancaster told the commissioners that there had only been one case of COVID in Linn County in the last three weeks.

At last week’s meeting she said that it has been recommended for people over 60 to get a second COVID booster and they had been getting a lot of calls. She said that the health department had plenty of vaccine, and except for this week, they would be giving the vaccine on Wednesdays.

If people have concerns about whether they meet the criteria, they can call the health department.

Last week, she also told the commissioners that the State 2.0 contract that came out March 1, needed to be spent by June 30 so they would be using it for items for the children’s health and safety fair and the community baby shower that is June 24.

The health department will be buying items for it like food. The health advisory board of the health department will be helping and cooking and serving food for that.

The health department will also be doing some landscaping and some painting, said Lancaster. She said that she had a list of things that the money was going to be used on.

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