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Housing board, council discuss La Harper Heights water issue

LA CYGNE – Members of the board of the La Cygne Housing Authority met with the La Cygne City Council last week on Aug. 3 to discuss a long-term problem with water service to the La Harper Heights housing project.

Board president Jason Hightower said that a single shutoff valve at the meter is used when repairs need to be made to any water connection. When an apartment has a leak, the whole complex serving 30 residents is shut down until repairs are made.

And that valve, he said, is about to break.

Public Works Superintendent Dan Nasalroad noted that there are no water shutoff valves for each apartment. The whole complex is on one meter.

Hightower said that the maintenance worker for the complex has been installing shutoffs at fixtures as he makes repairs. However, in most cases the maintenance worker has to shut off the main valve in order to do the work.

Nasalroad said that, according to city ordinance, no one was to use that valve except a city worker. He also said the valve was not made to be used to turn service on and off.

Mayor Debra Wilson asked about the possibility of installing a shutoff for each apartment, but that didn’t seem to be a likely solution.

She also suggested that a second valve that could be used by the La Harper maintenance contractor could be installed.

The council voted to allow Nasalroad and the housing authority to negotiate a solution to the problem.

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