Jayhawk Elementary receives Casey's Cash for Classrooms grant

Updated: Apr 11

MOUND CITY – Jayhawk Elementary School students had plenty to celebrate on Friday afternoon, March 25.

First, representatives from the Mound City Casey’s presented JES physical education teacher Ryan Metcalf with a certificate to the school as a recipient of its Cash for Classrooms grant. Based on an application Metcalf submitted to the company last fall, the school will receive $10,000 to purchase an electronic game wall called the T-Wall.

Metcalf said the device helps students develop speed, agility and memory in a fast-moving light sequence. A video demonstration of a similar electronic wall can be found at YouTube.com/watch?v=yoxxXL7HsyY.

Casey’s also donated 50 large pizzas to feed all of the students and staff in the school on Friday. Metcalf said the grant also included the donations of backpacks and water bottles for the students.

After Metcalf and a few staff members finished going down the hallways, classroom to classroom, handing out the pizzas, a group of the top 25 students who solicited donations to the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge were recognized.

Students who raised more than $250 for the society received a Kansas City Chiefs necklace and other prizes.

Metcalf, who is in his third year of teaching at JES, said that since he started teaching there, the students have received at least $5,000 each year. Last year, JES received $7,000 in donations, and this year students raised about $6,400, he added.

A portion of the money the students raise comes back to the school in physical education equipment.

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