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Commission approves contract with KwiKom

Updated: Jul 22

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commission on Tuesday, July 5, agreed to sign a contract with KwiKom Communications to provide an optic fiber “backbone” that would expand broadband service to the west side of the county.

The contract amount is for $580,000 with 10 percent held back until the project is completed. The project, which is expected to take two years, uses half American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds from the county with the other half being invested by KwiKom.

The final agreement ends negotiations that started nearly a year ago when the county received ARPA funds. One of the initial targets of ARPA was to expand broadband in the county to help with communications during the COVID epidemic.

However, as the epidemic began to wane, ARPA restrictions were loosened. The county could have used the money to cover revenue shortfalls, but instead decided to use a portion of the $1.9 million ARPA grant to improve Internet service to the western portion of the county.

In other business, the commissioners:

  • Signed the resolution to retire emergency radio call number 9203, the number of the late Josh Haynes. Haynes, a firefighter with the Linn County Fire Department, died as a result of injuries fighting a fire in Pleasanton last month.

  • Signed the resolution to put stop signs for north and southbound traffic on Iliff Road at 2000 Road and for northbound traffic on Inman Road at 2000 Road.

  • Learned from Mike Nation, north shop road foreman, that the county’s semi was coming back today. Nation also reported that the county got the red International running. It was either a loose wire or a fuse, he said. Both were fixed by a county mechanic at the same time, so it was difficult to point out which one was the problem.

  • Agreed to enter into agreement for building a road at Radcliff Road, just south of Ragains Road after discussing whether water would wash out railroad tracks. Thompson said that the water would wash out the road before getting to railroad tracks. The road will be paved with asphalt and the sides will be riprapped with rocks. Thompson said with the cost of the riprap, the estimate for the project is around $132,000.

  • Learned that there will be a codes court on July 14. Thompson said nine cases have been filed and so far the county has service on seven of them.

  • Agreed to sign a copy of the employee assistance program for the audit of the transportation program.

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