Keeping annex to add nearly $43K to parking lot addition

Updated: Feb 7

MOUND CITY – Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson told the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Jan. 24, that the net change of keeping the annex building and redoing the parking lot configuration for the new Justice Center was going to be an additional $42,900.

Earlier in the meeting, River City Manager Bill Matlock said that they were ready to start on the sidewalk this week depending on whether the county was going to accept the changes for the new parking lot.

Thompson explained that the original plan was to remove the annex building and pave the parking lot with asphalt. The amount for that was $204,800. In October, since the commission had not decided to keep or demolish the annex, the paving of the parking lot was coming up against the weather. It was getting too late to do asphalt and if it was done in the spring, prices had been predicted to go higher than concrete.

The commissioners decided to go ahead and pave it with concrete. The new amount with the building removed and a concrete parking lot would be $298,000.

However, in late November the commission decided to keep the building, which resulted in adding more parking area to the west of the Justice Center to make up for the 12 or so parking places that were lost by keeping the annex, and the change in the parking plan added the additional cost.

The parking lot originally was going to be 50 non-handicapped parking spaces and after the parking spaces that would have been in the annex area were removed and adding spaces on the west side of the justice center, there will be 54 non-handicapped parking spaces. The change did not affect the handicapped parking spaces.

The cost is for 90 additional feet of curbing, 750 addition feet of sidewalk, one additional American Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp, additional striping, and 4,992 square feet of added surface, said Thompson.

“I can’t get my head around this,” said Commission Chair Jim Johnson. He said he did not understand why the county was not gaining more parking spaces.

“It’s the layout,” said Thompson.

Commissioner Rick James asked if they were going to work on this with the construction company or were they going to throw it out in the street and see if they could get a better bid?

Thompson said the $42,900 was the price the company would do it for.

Commissioner Danny McCullough questioned the additional cost of the concrete and was going to check on it before the next meeting.

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