Ambulance station bid gets commission approval

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

MOUND CITY – Two construction projects received bid approval from the Linn County Commission on Monday, Aug. 6. Shaun West, Linn County Public Works Director, presented contractor bids for converting the La Cygne Senior Center building into an ambulance station and repair wind damage to the building at the Blue Mound compactor site.

Before discussing bids for adding a garage and renovating the inside of the former senior center, Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson said that he had talked to the “ladies” about the building and that it seemed that things could be worked out.

A decision of proceeding with accepting a bid was halted last week when Thompson said there might be an agreement with the community group that raised money for and built the center. However, he did not identified who the ladies were.

The group had always kept a person registered with the county clerk as a contact about the building, but it seemed that no one knows who that person is now. Thompson said that if they cannot find a contact person, that the county could put a notice in the paper about the county making the building an ambulance station.

Commission Chair Rick James said there was probably memorabilia in the building that some people might want. Thompson said the county could give them an opportunity to pick up any memorabilia that was in the building.

The only bid for the ambulance building was from Rockin’ H Construction, Pleasanton. The bid was $110,713.

West said that it was a turnkey bid but that the county would paint the interior of the living quarters so that it could be completed sooner.

The commission approved this bid, and because the truss bid in the contract had expired, commissioners approved $500 in contingency to use in case the trusses cost more than was in the contract.

The next bids were for renovating the Blue Mound compactor site. Materials have already been purchased and the bids were for labor only.

Odd Job Heroes, Ben Souza, Pleasanton, bid $1,200 for the work plus $25 to remove the debris. Rockin H bid $3,100 for the project.

West recommended that it would be easier to work with one contractor for both projects so the commissioners voted 2 to 1 to hire Rockin H to do the work.

Noting the large difference in bids, Commissioner Jim Johnson voted against awarding the bid to Rockin H.

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