La Cygne company, workers volunteer to make park safer

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

People's Telecommunications LLC workers lay down a weed barrier membrane before installing a layer of pea gravel at a play area in La Cygne Park. (Submitted photo)

LA CYGNE – Using company equipment and labor, a crew from People’s Telecommunications LLC worked earlier this month to make a playground on the west side of La Cygne City Park much safer.

Danny Curtis, outside plant supervisor for the company, said the project to replace the rotted wood mulch in the playground began earlier in the year. He said the decaying mulch was removed then.

Earlier this month the workers covered the entire play equipment area with a fabric cover to stop weed growth and then pea gravel, which is recommended to help break children’s falls when they land on the ground.

Curtis said the La Cygne Park Board had already upgraded the play area elsewhere in the park, and he and other People’s employees thought they would work on the remaining play area.

“We just wanted to make something better than it was,” Curtis said.

Although a portion of the work was done on company time, crew members volunteered their labor off the clock to help get the job done, he said.

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