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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

La Cygne to cut off sump pumps, gutters draining into sewers

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

LA CYGNE – In the course of the major sewer rehabilitation project, workers are finding that residential wastewater lines aren’t the only things that are feeding into the sewer mains.

Public Works Supervisor Dan Nasalroad said that workers for Nowak Construction are finding that sump pumps, storm drains and what he suggested were lines of mysterious origin purpose are also tapped into the main.

However, the city ordinance stipulates that the only allowed connections to the sewers are those specific to disposal of wastewater. That means that the sump pumps and other lines will not be connected to the new system, Nasalroad said.

That leaves the problem with the city needing to notify those property owners that those lines will be cut off. And that could mean those blocked lines would cause buildings to flood instead of, for example, pumping water out of a leaking basement, he pointed out.

That would be particularly troublesome for people who purchased those structures and were unaware that those non-permitted lines existed, Nasalroad said.

Councilman Jerome Mitzner suggested sending out a mailer with photos of the various situations as a means of notifying property owners.

Mayor Debra Wilson suggested posting about the problem on the city’s website and social media. She then suggested that perhaps a notification hung on doors might be a solution.

In a report on the sewer rehabilitation project, it was noted that city officials will be meeting with the contractor that will be relining the sewer mains. The lines will be flushed and video recordings will be made of the sewers prior to the relining.

Work will also begin on sewers on First Street, Second Street, Chestnut Street, and a section of Locust Street between Broadway and Fourth Street will be closed.

In a related matter, the council approved paying Nowak Construction nearly $175,000 for work done from June 20 to July 19.

In other business, the council:

• Approved a bid by Jim Thompson of Double Eagle Excavating to remove two trees hanging over the street at 714 N. Fourth Street for $4,500 on the condition that he provides proof of bond and insurance.

• Approved an ordinance that adopted the updated version of the Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities. They also approved an ordinance adopting the updated version of the state’s traffic code.

• Learned that Kaw Valley Engineering completed a geotechnical report for the site of the proposed new fire station. The council also approved a payment of more than $4,500 to Zingre & Associates architectural firm for work done during the month of July.

• Learned from City Attorney Burton Harding that there was some difficulty in making contact with Jackie Pribble, owner of a duplex at 109 N. 2nd St., to get her to sign an agreement on demolition of that structure.

• Learned that a storm water survey will be sent out to residents regarding the movement of stormwater. The survey is being produced by BG Consultants.

• Approved the publication of the notice of hearing to exceed the revenue-neutral tax rate and budget hearing on Aug. 24 at 7 p.m.

• Gave Mayor Debra Wilson the authority to approve the hiring of a person to work in the office at City Hall.

• Voted to reappoint Paul Kana to the La Cygne Planning and Zoning Commission.

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