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Letter to the editor: KwiKom official seeks to clarify information

Updated: Jan 5

On Nov. 2nd, the Linn County Journal published an article sharing some concerns Ms. Jennifer Johnson from People's Telecommunications had with the KwiKom proposal to build fiber in Linn County. KwiKom would like to share the following information for clarification so the public is not misled. * KwiKom’s proposal to the county detailed costs for a scalable fiber backbone throughout the western half of the county. This specific plan is phase one of a larger envisioned buildout, and the costs discussed would cover fiber to the premise for every home and business in Blue Mound, Centerville, and Parker. This backbone will provide the needed infrastructure and splice-points for future planned fiber development. It will also increase capacity and allow for expansion of Kwikom's existing wireless broadband deployments in the county. * KwiKom has always been proud to serve the under-served in Linn County and offer competitive alternatives in areas with few or no other options. Our service does not require contracts or unnecessary hidden costs, fees, or telephone service, and our fiber-optic speeds are faster and more affordable than any other proposed projects would provide. As a Kansas corporation, our business model has always been, and will continue to be: transparency, accountability, quality, and affordability for all of our Kansas neighbors.

* KwiKom’s proposal is transparent with clearly stated ends. The sum described in partnership with Linn County will have a significant, provable, and lasting impact on access to fiber-optic and broadband service for an area of the county that federally subsidized carriers have never shown an appetite to cover or invest their own funding in. KwiKom has already constructed towers and is providing broadband internet in the area with provable results and scalable infrastructure. KwiKom has built this network without subsidies, and in close partnership with the communities we serve. Additionally, more than one owner of KwiKom does pay property taxes in Linn County. We look forward to continuing to increase our investment and presence in Linn County to solve the broadband issues of the present and help to ensure a prosperous, growth-ready future. We will always do so in a very clearly- defined, deliverable, transparent, and publicly visible fashion.

Eric Vogel

Operations Manager for KwiKom

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