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Letter to the editor: Total abortion ban could threaten lives

Updated: Jul 29

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I ask my friends with the “vote Yes” signs to reconsider. The extreme “total ban” would mean my two ectopic pregnancies could have killed me before I could get help.

Then there are the women who are proudly pregnant but the baby dies at five months but doesn’t spontaneously abort. She must have that dead tissue out of there because the resulting infection can kill her.

Or my little 11-year-old client impregnated by a relative. Her body was probably too small to carry a pregnancy, let alone the psychological burden of shame, rejection by classmates, perhaps even her relatives. In my client load in the past, there were a number of incest victims who were actually rejected by their moms, who chose the father over the daughter.

There was also a case where the father who committed incest insisted on keeping the child, drawing suspicion that he would use the situation to raise his next generation of victim! Can you believe that he would sacrifice his 11-year-old to be the carrier of his next victim?

I have seen a few families with this, drug alcohol, violence or other abuses that made me think “I believe the unborn go straight to heaven." That would be preferable to being born into this family.

If you vote No on the amendment, there are still ways to help some pregnant moms decide to keep their baby. You can also work on the men who do the impregnation. More responsibility on their part, child support from impregnation, vasectomies, fines for creating an unwanted pregnancy.

Melody Leavitt
Mound City
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