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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

Lightning strike hits near Pleasanton water tower

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A series of four lightning strikes landed near or on the City of Pleasanton's water tower on Monday, damaging the city's radio equipment but leaving water controls unfazed. (Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

PLEASANTON – Lightning struck more than once on Monday, Aug. 29. In fact, from all accounts a series of four lightning bolts struck near or on the city’s water tower during a thunderstorm that morning.

On Tuesday, damage was still being assessed, but the preliminary indication was that the city’s radio system had received some damage because of the strikes. City Administrator Teresa Whitaker said it would be later in the day on Tuesday before officials would have an idea of the full extent of the damage.

A technician with Empire Electric who was checking the equipment Tuesday afternoon said that it appeared that the radio antenna on top of the tower had been spared.

At Monday evening’s city council meeting, Public Works Supervisor Joey Morrisey said the city radios were out. However, controls at the water plant were still functioning.

Whitaker said that, according to accounts by the city’s public works employees, two of the employees were walking into the water plant when one of the lightning strikes hit. They told her they could feel the strike. She said they believe it hit a pole rising from the ground near the water tower.

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