Linn County History Hunt winners announced

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This is the group of photos for the Linn County History Hunt, a scavenger hunt of sorts where contestants tried to locate the images throughout Linn County on the form. They are still worth searching for, even if the contest is over. Or you can find the answers on the Trading Post Museum's Facebook page.

TRADING POST – Eleven people submitted winning entries in the Linn County History Hunt that ran from July 1 to July 30, according to Jessi Cox, curator of the Trading Post Museum.

Fifteen people completed their entry sheets, and several more completed at least part of the contest.

The winners were Tiffany Champlin, Monica Chapman, Ruth Coleman, Myrtle Douglas, James Hodgson, Ruth Hurt, Shirlee Mayfield, Rogene McPherson, Connie Orth, Kolbe Schneider, and Phyllis Spainhoward.

The winners received prizes donated from business sponsors for the event.

"People seemed to have really enjoyed the hunt," said Cox. "They liked having a reason to explore the county, and some even learned about areas in the county they hadn't previously learned about.

"We had a variety of participants, from kids to retired age. People often worked in family and friend groups to make the experience more fun."

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