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Linn County Sheriff reports $81K in jail receipts for June

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

MOUND CITY – On Monday, July 3, Sheriff Kevin Friend gave his weekly update and report to the commissioners.

Friend said that June had been the best month yet and his office had just finished billing this morning. The total for inmate housing in June was $81,522. Wyandotte was billed $39,977, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, $45,505; and a local municipality, $40.

He told the commissioners that there were a couple of positions open in the jail and not a lot of applications were being received. He said he hopes to have another job fair in November or December.

Friend reported that they had hired a young man from the Southeast Technical Academy for Rural Students (STARS) program with whom he was very impressed. He said that the young man was just finishing up training and will start working on the floor.

He said that the STARS program was going to benefit his department. While the young man is still going to take more classes this next year at STARS for three days a week, he was working with him so that he could continue working at the jail during that time.

The sheriff’s department numbers for the past week are:

• Total prisoners at the Justice Center the past week were 55. Sixteen prisoners were released the past week.

• No prisoners were sent to other facilities.

• Thirty-three prisoners were from other facilities.

• Total 911 calls were 91.

• There were 2,645 jail contacts.

• Total calls for service were 520.

• Total civil service papers served were 12.

• There were six vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection.

• Eleven new cases (criminal, child in need of care, etc.) were opened.

• Nine cases was closed.

• There were six vehicle crashes worked by the sheriff’s office.

• There were no school resource officer (SRO) activities.

• Bailiff contacts were 195, resulting in 28 calls for service.

• Five reports were received about livestock out.

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