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Linn Valley citywide garage sale includes fundraiser for veteran

Updated: May 24, 2022

LINN VALLEY – Linn Valley’s citywide garage sale this Friday and Saturday has two purposes. The first is to connect buyers and sellers with the usual garage sale fare. The other purpose will be to help a man that the entire community has known for more than 20 years.

Helping Hands of Linn Valley, a service organization formed by Linn Valley residents, is looking to help Joe Sands. Sands is a veteran who moved with his wife to Linn Valley in 1966, and he has manned the guardhouse at the city’s entrance for more than 20 years.

Sands has been living in a house that was built 26 years ago, and while residents say his keeps his living quarters “neat as a pin,” he has been unable to make inspections on the structure. However, a recent inspection of his home revealed that pests have decimated much of the framing, and that structure has now been deemed unsafe for him to live there, said Sharion Cox, a member of the Helping Hands organization.

His homeowners insurance will not cover any other damage, which is expensive enough to warrant tearing it down. So Helping Hands is holding fundraisers get Sands into safe, reliable housing.

The first fundraiser will be a yard and bake sale with a $5 lunch this Saturday, May 7, in the Linn Valley Lakes Property Owners Association parking lot. The gates will be open. This is the weekend of the Linn Valley Lakes citywide yard sale.

Organizers have filled a 26-foot truck with donated items from the community. The second fundraiser will be a dinner and silent auction provided by the Linn Valley Community Church. The date of that event has yet to be determined.

Those who would like to donate money, gift baskets or gift certificates for the silent auction can call or text (913) 980-3503.

Joe is a huge part of Linn Valley. His community and his job are what keeps him going,” Cox said. “We believe there is a way to keep him home in the valley.”

Linn Valley Lakes City Wide Yard Sales will be going as well. The LVL Community Church is having a huge sale inside with lunch served as well.

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