Memorial Day services honor those who served, sacrificed

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Sam Clark plays taps at the end of the Memorial Day service at Oak Lawn Cemetery in La Cygne. Photos by Roger Sims.

La Cygne – About 60 people gathered at Oak Lawn Cemetary in La Cygne on Monday to honor military veterans and those who died in military service to the country. The service opened with a welcome by Judy Weir, who also led those attending in the flag salute.

Following the flag salute, Steve Haupt gave the invocation, followed a solo performance of "Traveling Soldier" by Sophie Fleer.

Before introducing the veterans in attendance, the main speaker, George Nunnemacher, talked about the importance of duty to country and then about properly disposing of the American flag. He referred to the ceremony of destroy worn and tattered flags by fire as a "retirement" rather than "burning" the flag, a reference to protestors.

Following a reading by Janet Reynolds of the poem "We Honor You Today," Fleer led the group in singing "God Bless America." And after the benediction by Haupt, Mitch Clark and his son, Sam Clark, played "Echo Taps" on their trumpets.

Above, Sophie Fleer sings "Traveling Soldier." Left, Navy veteran Connie McGinnis participates in the flag retirement ceremony. Below, Ron Price, from left, George Teagarden, Jim Farris and Richard Teagarden serve in the color guard.

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