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My Power of One to celebrate 10-year anniversary on Saturday

Updated: May 8

My Power of One founder Sue Vicory is sponsoring a 10-year anniversary of her philanthropic organization on Saturday, May 4, in Mound City. To see more about My Power of One, follow this link. (Screen capture, My Power of One)

MOUND CITY – A Random Acts of Kindness event will be celebrated Saturday, May 4 on Main Street in Mound City.

My Power of One, a philanthropic organization based in Mound City, will celebrate a decade of public service on Saturday, May 4, from 10 a.m. to noon at Stone Tree Coffee and Pottery. The shop at 517 Main St. in Mound City, a favorite hangout of "MPO1" founder Sue Vicory, will serve free drinks during that time.

Also during the event, a friendship bench made by Amy and Dan Earl, owners of A Creative Twist ACT 2, will be installed on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop,

Maynerds food truck, operated by the Johnson family a few doors west of the coffee shop, will serve a special meal, peanut butter and jelly biscuits. All proceeds from the sale of those biscuits will go to the local food pantry.

The My Power of One logo on t-shirts has become very well known to area residents. (Screen capture, My Power of One website)

Vicory, a filmmaker and business owner, founded the not-for-profit organization after she produced her first documentary on homelessness following the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. And while the organization has donated money to several causes, she began focusing on the Mound City area after she moved there.

One main source of funding for Vicory's philanthropic efforts is the sale of MPO1 t-shirts. The logo is easily recognized with one word printed in the middle of the logo.

"I like it because it's just one word," Vicory said.

Those t-shirts have become common around Linn County. However, locals aren't alone.

"We've seen people wearing those shirts all over the world," Vicory said.

What started with one word has now spread to 180 words, and shoppers can purchase t-shirts in different colors with words denoting states of mind including love, faith, grace and breathe, to occupations such as pastor, write, artist. The line has also expanded to include caps, tote bags, coffee mugs and other accessories.

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