Official tells lake developments county will not maintain their roads

Updated: Jan 7

MOUND CITY – Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson told the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Dec. 13 that he had sent a letter with his opinion not the commissioners to a lake development that was looking at disbanding its homeowners association (HOA).

“There has been some discussion in one or more of the lake developments towards trying to do away with the HOA, the homeowners association and some of the people who wanted to do that have asserted that if they did that the county would have to take over the roads,” said Thompson. “Well that’s not true, so what I did was I just wrote a letter at the request of some of the other people involved.”

Commission Chair Rick James agreed that that was not true that the county would take over the roads.

Thompson said he wrote a letter from me explaining the process. In the letter he explained that he was writing to bring clarity to the facts about the process of the county accepting responsibility for private roads

It has been suggested by some that there is the possibility that the county would take over responsibility for the maintenance of streets and roads in one or more of the lake developments in Linn County. Such a possibility has never been seriously discussed nor is it on any future agenda of the commission, Thompson said.

Putting aside the financial and logistical obstacles to such an action for the county to take on responsibility for private roads would require an affirmative action by the county commission in response to very specific and detailed requests by the board responsible for the lake developments, he added. Those requests have not been made and it is not likely the commission would agree to them even if the requests were made.

Thompson said he wrote the letter without running it by the commission but wanted them to be aware of it. “I think it is consistent with your position,” said Thompson.

James said all the commissioners were familiar with what Thompson was talking about. He said he’s glad it is out to the public, so people know we are not just going to take over the roads and start maintaining them.

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