Opinion: Motorcycle rally a good start for the summer season

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

On Saturday, June 12, the streets of Pleasanton turned into a small-town version of Sturgis S.D., rally week.

Motorcycles were parked sometimes two or three deep along the sides of Main Street, and rock blasted from the stage south of the grocery store. Bikers wearing denim and leather admired each other’s bikes, swapped stories, bought food, drank beer, shopped for new paraphernalia and, of course, rode their motorcycles.

But the Pleasanton rally was the PG version of Sturgis. Sponsored by the Kansas Chapter of the Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club, and with many other religion-based clubs setting up their tents along Main, it lacked the more sinister and often tawdry elements that are found in the national rallies.

The crowd was friendly and the event had plenty of things to keep the rally-goers entertained. Plus the strong law enforcement presence insured that trouble was, for the most part, averted.

Despite the warm weather, it made for a mellow day for people, whether they were bikers or town folks wanting to see what was going on, to get out and enjoy themselves.

Billed as the “First Annual Thunder on the Street Motorcycle Rally,” the event holds great potential for more participation by more local vendors.

It should also serve as a template for promoting similar events on Main Streets across the county. With creative planning, funding for promotion and training for local would-be vendors, events like this could be a great help for businesses in our communities.

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