Paola company awarded bid on Botkin bridge project

Updated: Feb 3

MOUND CITY – Public Works Director Shaun West presented several bids and other information to the Linn County Commission on Monday, Jan. 24.

After reviewing the bids for the Botkin Road Bridge project with Matthew Landes from Pfefferkorn Engineering, the engineering firm retained by the county for engineering assistance, West recommended that the company of Bryan-Ohlmeier, Paola, be chosen for the project. The commissioners approved the bid.

The Bryan-Ohlmeier bid was for $147,881. Other bids were from Dondlinger Construction for $160,927, Marbery Concrete, Inc. for $275,831, and L.Underwood for $191,501.

West told the commissioners that the county truck that would have the snowplow blade installed needed manifold work first. He recommended purchasing the 8-foot snow blade and installation at Kranz of Kansas City for $6,567. Other bids were from Knapheide Truck Equipment for $6,848, and American Equipment Co. for $6,872. The commissioners approved the purchase.

West said that road salt was one of the products that has not yet gone up in price. West recommended buying 275 tons of salt for $115 per ton or a total of $31,625 before the price goes up. This amount will fill the county’s yearly supply. The commissioners approved the purchase.

West told the commissioners that the contractor link was now up on the county website and that contractors that wished to bid on county projects could sign up there. Here is the link to the list.

The commissioners approved West’s recommendation for the purchase of 97 culverts and 23 bands from Olathe Winwater at the price of $71,556.

West had received bids for a mower for the Linn County Park but commissioners asked him to go back to the bidders and see what the price would be for two mowers because they were still considering whether to buy a mower for the maintenance department. The bids were not read.

West reported that the county's Noxious Weed Department employees were taking their final 9A test on Feb. 1. After that, all that was left was their director’s training.

As the bridges in the county were being inspected, it was noticed that several weight limit signs and other signs had been taken, and they needed to be replaced, said West. Other signs that needed to be purchased were for Pleasanton city limits. Two speed limit changes with arrows also need to be purchased.

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