Parker council approves new SUV for police chief

Updated: Jun 28

PARKER – A new patrol SUV for the police chief and awarding scholarships to two Prairie View seniors were on the agenda of a special meeting of the Parker City Council on Monday, April 18.

The meeting was a make-up session after the regularly scheduled council meeting was called off last week because not enough council members were able to attend to make a quorum.

The council approved paying the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office $4,000 to take possession of a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe to be used by Parker Police Chief Craig Haley. While the Sumner County department was giving the vehicle away, it wanted $4,000 for the law enforcement equipment on the vehicle.

The council also looked at a 2017 Ford Explorer for sale by the City of Pleasanton for $12,000, however, officials decided it did not have enough equipment. Mayor Cody Adams said that Chief Haley put in extensive work to find the Tahoe.

The council also voted to approve an allowance of $7,500 for any repairs needed for the Tahoe once the city took possession of it.

Looking toward selling the city’s current vehicle, the council approved paying a company $600 to remove the law enforcement equipment still on the vehicle.

The council also approved expanding the duties of Rodney Hepzer. Hepzer has been operating Parker’s trash compactor site for several months, and the council approved a new job description that would enable him to do more maintenance work around the city.

The council tabled an agenda item to approve a $12,000 annual renewal premium with Truly Insurance. Council members had questions they wanted clarified before approving the renewal.

The council approved two scholarships that it awards in conjunction with the Parker Heritage Park Board. Two Prairie View seniors are to receive $400 each, with $200 each from the city and the park board. The recipients this year are seniors Kinley Baker and Marla Campbell.

The council also approved a donation of $200 for a community potluck dinner to feed the participants who are following the Potawatomi Trail of Death and plan on stopping in Parker overnight on April 29.

It also approved $100 for food for a memorial gathering to honor the late Connie Orth in Heritage Park on April 23.

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