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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

Parker Days organizers keep crowd entertained

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Free rides on Saturday afternoon kept the morning crowd from dissipating at Parker Days in Heritage Park. Below right, Tristan Irvin makes midair flips with the aid of bungee cords. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

PARKER – Cities across the region may want to pay attention to the feat that Parker Days organizers pulled off this year. At many local festivals, crowds gather for the morning parade, but attendance thins out once the parade is done.

The crowd at Parker Days stayed this year, mainly because organizers brought in rides and activities that had kids lined up as much as 10 deep waiting to take their turns. Whether it was a trampoline-assisted bungee cords, a mechanical bull, a climbing wall or a swing ride, kids rode, jumped or climbed for free.

Of course, plenty turned out to watch the parade. Candidates for Parker princess rode on floats or cars, the Prairie View Marching Band performed, Cadmus and Parker 4-H clubs were represented, old John Deere tractors plodded down the street, and several horse riders came at the end.

Evening entertainment included a ventriloquist and a disc jockey with a raffle drawing for cash and a quilt in between. In addition, the Parker Days prince and princess candidates were honored with Maverick Hastings (and her supporters) taking the princess crown for selling more than $5,200 in tickets - a record for individual ticket sales. All of the candidates combined sold nearly $9,000 worth of tickets, and that too was a record amount.

The candidates for Parker Day princess and prince included Emmalee Rath, Maverick Hastings, Jacelyn Yates, the Brownback boys and the Wilcox boys.

Brendan Melvin reaches the top of the climbing wall for a second time in just minutes.

Ethan Holler drives a 1947 John Deere M in the parade.

The Cadmus 4-H club remembered the 1959 Parker Rural High School Panther team as state track and field champions. Their entry won first prize for a float.

Maverick Hastings, princess candidate, was intent on holding onto her lollipops as her mom, Cheyanne Hastings, waves to the crowd.

Members of the Prairie View Marching Band performed in the parade.

The Parker Thunderbirds 4-H club had a good presence with four-wheelers and horseback riders.

David Monteil's 1938 steel-wheel John Deere A won first prize in the motorized category.

Riding on a pony-drawn sulky, Justin Dumcum and mom Jody Dumcum were part of the Thunderbirds 4-H Club contingent.

Parker princess candidate Emmalee Rath waves to the crowd at the parade.

Cheerleaders carry the PVHS Marching Band banner in the parade.

Allee Sombatchaleun, drum major for the Prairie View Marching Band, starts the band playing during the parade.

The motorcycle and four-wheeler contingent showed up in force for the parade.

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