Pleasanton asks for road closures, fees waived for General Pleasonton Days

MOUND CITY – Linn County Public Works Director Shaun West brought some requests from the City of Pleasanton to the Linn County Commission on Monday Sept. 27, in preparation for the city's General Pleasonton Days events on Saturday, Oct. 2.

West said that Pleasanton had asked if county Road 1050 could be closed on Saturday for the 5K Run from 7:45 to 9:15, with the city setting up barricades. He said they also requested that the county close off and assist with some barricades and markers at Scott Road from 1050 Road to 1000 Road, and that would be closed off through the night for the rodeo and other events in that area.

After checking with West about emergency procedures and notifications of a local resident, the commissioners allowed the closing of the roads for Oct. 2.

West said that Pleasanton had also asked if they could waive dump fees for a city pick-up day today. He said they were providing everything for the cleanup and were sorting what they pick up so that it would not have to be done at the transfer station. All they were asking for was that the dump fees be waived, West said.

Linn County Commission Chair Rick James said he thought that commissioners had already voted to allow so many clean up days per year for each city. West said that he was asking because he thought this was an additional day.

Linn County Commissioner Jim Johnson asked if they would not be getting themselves in trouble if they did not follow the procedure they had set up.

James told West that they would get back to him at the end of the meeting after they had checked this out. However, during the session commissioners did not vote on waiving the fees.

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