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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

Pleasanton fire chief: no volunteers for July 4th fireworks

Updated: May 24, 2022

PLEASANTON – Pleasanton’s annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration may be in jeopardy this year because of lack of certified volunteers. The event is scheduled for July 2, Saturday.

City Administrator Teresa Whitaker told the Pleasanton City Council on Monday, May 9, that Fire Chief Rob Dent informed her that the volunteers who usually do the display will not be available to do the display this year.

She said that Dent had been in contact with the company that sells fireworks to the city for the event to see if they had a certified person to run the show.

Dent indicated that he as well as the other volunteers wanted to find a different plan for putting on the show in the future.

“My wife will tell you that 22 years in a row, she’s had to watch the fireworks by herself,” he said, adding that setting up the display on the day before plus preparations on the afternoon before the show required several hours of labor as well.

That’s a sacrifice that volunteers from past years are not wanting to make this year. He reminded the council that the department is staffed by volunteers who also may volunteer in other ways like coaching or are involved in farming.

“Jake works at the firehouse and can pretty much tell you that a day off sometimes is priceless,” Dent said, referring to Jake Mattingley, who is on the city council.

He said regardless of whether or not Pleasanton was successful in finding someone to do the fireworks display this year, the city needed to come up with a plan to find volunteers going forward.

Dent also noted that the cost of fireworks had increased as much as 20 percent over last year.

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