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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

Pleasanton pool set to open June 1 despite paint problem

Updated: May 24, 2022

Although the chipping paint on the bottom and sides of the Pleasanton city pool are unsightly, city crews are expected to be able to repaint the pool so it will be ready by June 1 as previously planned. (Photo by Roger Sims, Linn County Journal)

PLEASANTON – The Pleasanton city swimming pool is expected to open on schedule despite problems the paint chipping and peeling on the sides and bottom of the pool.

Public Works Supervisor Joey Morrisey reported that there were problems with the painted surfaces at the Pleasanton City Council meeting on Monday, May 9. He said he had been getting quotes on paint and that he had priced a rubber-based paint at about $66 a gallon.

He said it would take about 30 gallons to repaint the pool. That would cost nearly $2,000 in paint costs alone.

Asked if the existing paint had a warranty, Morrisey explained that, because city crews applied the paint the warranty was void.

The repainting is expected to proceed soon, and City Administrator said the pool is still on schedule to open June 1.

Last month, the council voted to close the pool on Mondays because of a shortage of lifeguards and to reduce operating costs

The council approved the following pool staffing:

  • Zoe Skipper as assistant pool manager at $10.50 per hour,

  • Brenda Ratty as a water aerobics instructor for evening session,

  • Kym Hargrove as water aerobics instructor for morning session,

  • Returning lifeguards Danicka Harrington, Kara Umphenour, Kayleann Harrington, and Brianna Maze at $9 per hour,

  • New lifeguards Henry Dalton, Kali Umphenour, Piper Smith, Haley Foltz, Natalie Burk, Aleecia Cornelius and Adriana Crismas also at $9 per hour.

Carol Sabine will return as pool manager for the summer.

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