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Prairie View's Career Day brings students, professionals together

Karri Barker, left, with the Olathe Police Department, conducts a mock interview with Prairie View senior Tabby Stone, who is interested in a career in law enforcement. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

Some high school students have a firm grasp of what they want to do once they graduate. Others may not have a plan of action beyond walking across the stage and receiving diplomas.

The Prairie View High School faculty, along with help from outside businesses, have been working to give students options as early as their freshman year.

Seniors get last-minute instructions from business teacher Jacoby Johnson before heading into the gym for mock interviews.

On Friday, Nov. 18, for the fifth year, the school sponsored a Career Day that put students in contact with professionals in a variety of occupational fields. It also was an opportunity for faculty to teach other life skills, and give seniors a chance to brush up their job-interview skills.

Organized the past several years by former business teacher Andrea Richardson, that task was taken over by math teacher Tamala Snyder after Richardson was hired to be middle school principal in June.

Students attended four career sessions in the morning. More than 35 professionals came to talk about their jobs, what those jobs were like and what kind of training was needed.

Counselor Stephanie Nichols talks about how to do laundry, including ironing in one of the breakout sessions.

The jobs ranged from health service (dental, nursing, EMT, physical therapy) to law enforcement (sheriff, attorney, KBI agent, forensics science, game warden) to agriculture (farm/heavy equipment operator, ag equipment dealer and mechanic, extension agent) to construction (mechanical engineer, heating-cooling, lineman, construction company) to other trades including teaching, illustrating, writing and cosmetology.

Following lunch, students attended three breakout sessions on life skills or mock interviews.

College survival tips, investing, résumé writing, vacation planning, lawn care, first aid, barbecue basics and how to do laundry.

PVHS Principal Joseph Hornback expertly flips eggs for an omelette in the breakout session "Breakfast to Impress."

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