Prairie View senior receives four-year scholarship to Baker

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

LA CYGNE – A Prairie View High School senior got a life-changing surprise on Friday. Just before lunch period a group of balloon-carrying representatives from Baker University wearing school colors orange and black were let in a side door and led to a room to prepare for a celebration.

Senior Hallie Snyder was called up to the office and then led into a room filled with the Baker University contingent, family and friends where she was surprised with the announcement that she had been granted a four-year tuition-paid scholarship to the school.

Madeline McCrary, a Baker admissions counselor who was on hand to present the award, said the Edward Lin Harter and Sylvia Lloyd Harter Scholarship was the most prestigious annual scholarship from the university. It covers all tuition costs for four years at the private university.

Tamala Snyder, the mother of the senior and a math teacher at Prairie View, said that her daughter had also considered Kansas State University.

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