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  • Charlene Sims, Journal staff

Proffitt resigns from county fire board

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

MOUND CITY – Commission Chair Jim Johnson read a resignation letter from Don Proffitt as a member of the Linn County Fire Board of Directors on Monday, Sept. 12. The commission accepted his resignation.

In the letter, Proffitt wrote, “Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the Linn County Rural Fire District #1 Board of Directors. It’s been an honor to serve on the fire board and I hope I have done it justice. I fully support the fire board, the employees and the awesome volunteers that make up one of the best fire departments in the state of Kansas. I thank you for the privilege to serve.”

“So you guys need to appoint somebody for his spot,” said Linn County Fire Chief Randy Hegwald.

Commissioner Danny McCullough said that he thought he had somebody, but was not able to appoint him because the board member needed to be a non-firefighter.

County Counselor Gary Thompson acknowledged the contribution of Proffitt, who was also county clerk for several years. He said, “Don has served on there a long time – from the beginning of the board – and done a great job.”

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