Prosecutor: Court dates pushed back until new judge is selected

Updated: Feb 7

MOUND CITY – Linn County Attorney Burton Harding updated the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Jan. 24, about schedules at the district court and discussed the new offices in the Justice Center building.

Harding said that since former District Court Judge Terri Johnson had retired, the judges that are filling in have been setting things out to March or April until our permanent judge comes so February is going to be fairly slow.

He said that District Court Chief Judge Amy Harth was going to set a jury trial for Linn County soon.

Harding told the commissioners that the software for the prosecutor’s office would soon be obsolete and would no longer be supported by the company which sold it. He said that his office had been making calls to different software companies for information and prices on new software.

Almost all of the Kansas counties are having to replace their software, said Harding. Bourbon, Franklin, and Allen counties have already decided on the one they are going to use. Miami County is still considering it, Harding said.

He did have a concern about the software those counties had picked, because it did not allow them to change the forms without going through the company.

Harding also said that he had noticed that all of the court offices in the new justice center had one wall that was all windows. Aside from the privacy and security issue with that, he thought it might be incredibly hot in those offices if there was not something to shade the windows.

Linn County Counselor Gary Thompson said that he had asked if blinds were a part of the furnishings budget and had not received an answer yet. He said he would check and get back with them.

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