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Second phase of courthouse garden project discussed

Register of Deeds Kristy Schmitz is in the process of planning the second phase of beautifying the Linn County Courthouse grounds. (Journal file photo)

MOUND CITY – Linn County Register of Deeds Kristy Schmitz reported on the landscaping of the courthouse yard to the commissioners on Monday, Jan. 23.

Schmitz said that she wanted to bring the commissioners up to speed on what is happening with the courthouse garden. She told the commissioners that the group working on the garden would be starting Phase 2 of the process, which is planting at the front (north side) of the courthouse.

She reminded the commissioners that a new line item had been allowed in the 2023 county budget to cover the landscaping. To do that line item, the master gardeners from the Extension Service had developed a budget for the program. For Phase 2, the amount is $2,400. Last year, the Master Gardeners donated $500 to the project.

Schmitz told the commissioners that the master gardeners had applied for funding to help the Linn County courthouse landscape project for 2023 in case prices had gone up or to help with extra mulch for last year’s gardens. They received $1,000 to help the Linn County project.

Schmitz reported that there would be two columnar planters on the sides of the front doors. She also said that pink and white dogwood trees would be planted along the north side with flowering hostas.

Schmitz told the commissioners that staff from several departments including the clerk’s office, the appraiser’s office, the treasurer’s office, and the register of deeds office participated in the planting last year.

Schmitz said she would like to see the whole community get involved in the project, including high school horticulture classes, any citizens, 4-H, the Busy Bees, and businesses. Schmitz said that anyone wanting to be part of the landscaping to call her at 913-795-2226.

Schmitz said that she realized that some remodeling is going to be done at the courthouse on the roof, and she hopes that the landscaping does not get in the way. She said should would try to coordinate the project.

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