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Sheriff's fee report show August jail income tops $154,600

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Note: This is an update of an article published on Sept. 13 that includes clarifications of the earlier version.

MOUND CITY – On Tuesday, Sept. 5, Linn County Commission Chair Danny McCullough reported that Sheriff Kevin Friend was unable to get the weekly report ready or attend the meeting because he was with an inmate at the hospital.

Friend wrote that the month of August 2023 was a great month at the Linn County Jail. In the report, he reminded everyone when the county used to spend $330,000 per year to pay for out of county housing for Linn County inmates.

The monthly invoices sent out for August 2023 totaled more than $154,600. The State of Kansas was billed $47,900, the United States Marshal’s Service more than $61,400, Wyandotte County more than $42,200, and $80 for Linn County cities.

Once those invoices are paid, the total income so far for 2023 will nearly $685,000.

In a separate report, the sheriff's office reported actual receipts of nearly $79,200. That included a payment of nearly $39,700 for Wyandotte County inmates in July, and more than $34,800 from the U.S. Marshals Service for inmates.

Other income for the office included more the $400 for fees to serve civil papers, $300 in fingerprint fees, more than $400 in offender fees, nearly $500 in vehicle identification number (VIN) fees, and nearly $100 in conceal-carry fees.

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