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Sheriff's office reports receipts for December

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Jan. 8, the Linn County Commissioners reviewed and approved the December monthly fee report from the Linn County Sheriff's Office.

The following receipts are what were received in December 2023. They may have been billed previously.

The total receipts for December were $105,660, and include: 

• Wyandotte inmates for September payment of $41,445;  

• U.S. Marshall Housing and Transportation, $60,568; 

• Grant for $2,000; 

• Civil Service out of state fee $65;                                                                                                   • Civil Service in state fee $285;                                                                                                        • Report fees $265;

• Fingerprint Fee, $90;

• Offender Fee, $360;

• Conceal and Carry fees $162.50;                                                                                                    • Vehicle Inspection Numbers (VIN) fee, $420.

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