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Sheriff's report for week ending Dec. 16

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Dec. 18, Linn County Sheriff Kevin Friend posted the following report for the week ending on Saturday, Dec. 16.

The sheriff’s department numbers for the past week are:

• Total prisoners at the Justice Center the past week were 59. Eight prisoners were released the past week.

• One prisoner was sent to Bourbon County due to conflict.

• Thirty-nine prisoners were from other facilities. 

• Total 911 calls were 67. 

• There were 4,451 jail contacts.

• Total calls for service were 514.                                                                                                                                                       

• Total civil service papers served 21.

• There were five vehicle identification number (VIN) inspections.

• Twelve new cases (criminal, child in need of care, etc.) were opened.

• Eleven cases were closed.

• There were seven vehicle crashes worked by the sheriff’s office.

• There were 90 school resource officer (SRO) activities. 

• Bailiff contacts were 153, resulting in 41 calls for service. 

• Nine reports of livestock out were received.

The sheriff reported that the current daily income from jail housing was $3,022.

Invoices issued for prisoners not generated by Linn County Sheriff’s Department and county cities included:

Wyandotte County                               $ 39,217.50

US Marshal’s Service                               $ 45,672.00

US Marshal’s Service Transport              $ 14,896.17

Municipal                  $         40.00

Kansas Department of Corrections $           0.00                                    

Total (November 2023)                         $ 99,825.67

Grand Total billed for 2023 year-to-date  $ 984,702.51  

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