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  • Roger Sims, Journal Staff

STARS vocational tech center open house set for Friday

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

PLEASANTON – The Pleasanton school district is hosting a ribbon-cutting and open at 10 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 12 for its new vocational education center. The Southeastern Technical Academy for Rural Students (STARS) is a facility that will offer training in welding, emergency medical services, carpentry, heating and cooling technology.

The public is encouraged to attend the opening ceremony of the facility, which is located in the former Cox Motor Co. building at 1701 Laurel St. in Pleasanton.

Distinguished guests at the event include Randy Watson, the Kansas Commissioner of Education; Jim Porter, the Kansas State Board of Education chairman; Dale Dennis, a former Deputy Commissioner at the Kansas State Department of Education; Alysia Johnston, president of Fort Scott Community College (FSCC) ; and Adam Barth, vice president of FSCC.

STARS is intended to serve as a training facility for students from all three Linn County school districts as well as students from FSCC. It will also be open to adults who want to learn a trade as well.

Some parents, school administrators and school counselors got a preview of the facility in late June when the district held an open house. Prospective teachers had a change to talk with the welding and emergency medical instructors.

Most of the money for the purchase and renovation of the building came from donations.

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