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The Perfect Tree

By Chylar Jones

I walked through the forest, my boots crunching on the snow beneath my feet. Evergreens were everywhere, surrounding me. I had to choose one, but I couldn’t. They were all so beautiful, how could I?

Some were tall and wide, others short and narrow. They were all a vibrant green, covered in prickly needles. Yet, none of them stuck out to me. That is, until I saw it!

The sun shone through its branches making it glow. It’s needles were the most striking green I have ever seen. It was the perfect size for my living room. My ornaments, tinsel, and lights would look amazing on it. I smiled brightly. I couldn’t wait to see it at home.

I chopped it down and brought it to my truck. I strapped it on, then hopped in the driver’s seat. A cold breeze swept over my face. It reminded me just how close Christmas was, and it made me even more excited. It was time to take it home!

Not much time passed before I pulled in the driveway. I hauled it off the truck and through the door before I pushed it upright. The tree’s green needles swayed from the force and a few fell to the floor. I swept them up then I went back to work.

Soon after, I finished decorating. I stepped back to admire my work, then I looked out the window. Snow shimmered under the glowing sun. I was so excited. Everyone wants a white Christmas. That was exactly what I got.

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