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Treasurer reports delinquent real estate taxes

Updated: 6 days ago

MOUND CITY – Linn County Treasurer Janet Kleweno gave her quarterly report and delinquent tax report to the Linn County commissioners on Monday, Oct. 24.

First, Kleweno pointed out to the commissioners that there was no longer any construction money in the county’s accounts. The county just has its Super NOW checking account and certificates of deposits (CDs).

Kleweno told the commissioners that the county earned about $660 year to date on its Super NOW checking account and more than $11,700 on CDs for a total interest of a little more than $12,400 Last year at this time, the interest earned was more than $32,400. At that time the county still had construction money in CDs.

Kleweno said that CD interest was going up and she was getting better rates as she renewed them. Most of the current ones have an interest rate of 1.2 percent but the new rates are 1.5 percent.

She reported that as of Sept. 30, 2022, 2021 delinquent real estate taxes are almost $470,000 and added with delinquent taxes since 1987, the total is $1.11 million.

Delinquent personal property taxes for 2021 as of Sept. 30, 2022 are $10,200 making a total of almost $32,600 when added with delinquent personal property taxes since 2014.

Kleweno said that the personal property delinquencies for 2021 are a little higher and she attributed part of that to out-of-county people who own oil wells and do not pay their taxes.

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