Voters elect candidates for school boards, councils

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This story has been updated to correct an error on when the election will be audited. The post-election audit will be held Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 10:00 AM in the County Clerk's office located at 315 Main Street, Mound City, Kansas. The selection of races and precincts for the audit was held on Friday, Nov. 5.

Tuesday, Nov 2, was election day in Linn County and while many voters turned out to vote for city council candidates and school board members, voters were few and far between at several polling stations.

In the only officially contest race, where there were more declared candidates than seats available, Kaye Hardy, Cindy Spence Inman and Meredith L. Johnson won at-large seats on the Pleasanton USD 344 Board of Education.

And in the race for Pleasanton City Council, all three candidates who filed won a seat. In the past, coordinated write-in campaigns have been successful in winning over declared candidates, however, the 66 write-in votes would not be sufficient to do that in this election.

The results listed below are unofficial, but include all uncontested ballots. The Linn County Commission is expected to audit the results of the election at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9, in the Linn County Clerk's office.

Here is a list of the candidates and the number of votes they received with all 14 precincts accounted for (** denotes likely winner):

Jayhawk USD 346 Board of Education

Position 1 - unexpired term

Daniel Earnest 48**

Write-in 1

Position 4

Tracy L. Springer 14**

Write in 0

Position 5

Matt Higgins 19**

Write-in 0

Position 6

Ketturah (Kitty) Rhynerson 27**

Write-in 1

Pleasanton USD 344 Board of Education - three at-large seats open

Leslie Dumcum 83

Kaye Hardy 128**

Cindy Spence Inman 165**

Meredith L. Johnson 134**

Jonathan M. Raines 95

Write-in 39

Prairie View USD 362 Board of Education (includes Miami County results)

Position 4 - No candidate filed for this position

Write-in 18

Position 5

Rita Boydston 40**

Write-in 2

Position 6

Wade Teagarden 30**

Write-in 3

Blue Mound City Council - three open seats

Byron D. Coates 28**

Paul B. Moeller 29**

Donnie Rhynerson 30**

Write-in 3

La Cygne City Council - three open seats

David Brenneman 29**

Thomas W. Capp 36**

Keith Stoker 32**

Write-in 3

Linn Valley Mayor

Cindy C. Smith 59**

Write-in 1

Linn Valley Council - two open seats

Lewis Donelson 57**

Michael Hemphill 52**

Write-in 1

Mound City Council - three open seats

Cody Beckman 45**

Megan Purvis 38**

Fanchion Shadden 44**

Write-in 1

Parker City Council - three open seats

Gary Early 20**

Jerry Summers 20**

Write-in 11

Pleasanton City Council - three open seats

Aaron Portmann 120**

Rochelle Schreckhise 121**

Joseph Whitaker 94**

Write-in 66

Prescott Mayor

Kevin L. Wood 35**

Write-in 1

Prescott City Council - two open seats

John Maloney 31**

Ronald W. Roberts 36**

Write-in 6

Marais des Cygnes Extension Council - two open seats

Kendra Browning 499*

Treva Broyles 528*

Write-in 22

These results do not include tabulations for school board races for Anderson County.

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