Insurance for medical transport is an option for families

Updated: Feb 16

Editor’s note: This article is not an endorsement for any medical transportation insurance, nor is this an article sponsored by any company. Before purchasing any insurance, you should check your current insurance coverage and carefully consider the cost and the service provided.

MOUND CITY – In early December, then Linn County Commission Chair Rick James asked American Medical Response (AMR) Operations Manager Galen Anderson about whether the patient or family members had the choice of not going by helicopter in an emergency.

James said that he had heard of several instances of families being billed tens of thousands of dollars for helicopter transport. As with any emergency medical expense, ambulance transportation by either ground or air can be a significant burden for those who don’t have adequate insurance.

Anderson said that the family or patient always had a choice about being transported, whether by helicopter or ambulance. He said there was no bill for the response, just the transport. Even if a helicopter is on its way and the patient chooses not to use it, there is no charge, and it is the same with the ambulance.

Anderson said that the air ambulance companies that AMR worked with sold insurance policies for transportation by helicopter or by ground ambulance. He said that AMR preferred to work with the insurance companies rather than bill the individual.

In December, he said that AMR tries really hard to work with patients and to not have aggressive billing practices.

The insurance that Anderson was talking about for helicopter transportation is called AirMedCare Network. According to the company’s brochure, a membership fee covers everyone in your household. The cost is $85 per year, except for people 60 and older and then it is $65.

Some insurance companies already cover ambulance and some Medigap plans may cover both. It is best to check to see what your insurance covers before applying for this plan.

For more information on AirMedCare, call Linda Barnes at 620-717-5957 or email her at

To learn more about AMR LIFECARE ground membership, call 1-800-913-9106 or visit

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