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The Linn County Journal is an online news service that provides news and community coverage for Linn County, Kansas. Thank you for visiting our website, and be sure to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page.

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Our Story

This website marks the revival of a magazine-style publication that provided in-depth coverage of Linn County, Kansas, in the mid-1990s. That publication helped fill in missing pieces and gave residents and visitors alike a better sense of what was happening in the county and the region. That is the goal of the revived Linn County Journal as well.

Our mission is to provide fair and balanced coverage of all events, communities, schools and local governments in Linn County. We pledge to do our best to cover all sides of issues that affect county residents. Above all, we pledge to bring the highest journalistic standards to our coverage. 

Meet The Team

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Roger and Charlene Sims, a husband and wife team who live on a farm in northern Linn County, began thinking about reviving the Linn County Journal more than a year ago. That idea gained traction after hearing from several residents who were dissatisfied with local coverage. They began late in 2020 putting together a plan to start a website and started work on it in the spring of 2021.

Both Roger and Charlene are veteran journalists who have covered Linn County extensively. In addition to publishing the original Linn County Journal in the 1990s, Roger was a reporter and then editor for Miami County Publishing Co. With English and journalism degrees from Kansas University, he has more than 30 years experience, including work for the Miami County Republic, Osawatomie Graphic, Louisburg Herald. Roger also worked for Vance Publishing Co. as a writer and editor for agricultural newspapers and magazines. In addition, he taught journalism at area schools for nine years. 

An incisive copy editor who picked up her skills working with her husband on several journalism projects, Charlene also reported on Linn County for The Miami County Republic. Her memories of pulling all-nighters to produce the original Journal while working a full-time job as a social worker are still very vivid.

However, combining their skills once again, they plan to build the Linn County Journal into a publication that is known for integrity, objective reporting and insightful editorials. 

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