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County, Pleasanton officials working on airport tax fix

Pleasanton officials met with officials from Linn County last week to work on ways to save the county tax dollars on the airport. (Journal file photo)

MOUND CITY – On Monday, April 8, Jessica Hightower, Linn County airport manager and economic development director, reported to the commissioners about possible solutions to the county airport’s high tax bill.

Hightower reported that she and Public Works Director Shaun West had met last Thursday with the members of the airport committee and officials of the city of Pleasanton to discuss what could be done about the taxes that are overwhelming the airport’s budget.

She said that she and West had questions to answer and information to gather before they meet with that group again, and after that they will make a presentation for the commissioners. 

Hightower told the commissioners that a couple of possibilities came out of that meeting. The first possibility is that the Pleasanton officials thought that the airport might be able to qualify for the city’s tax abatement program.

The second possibility is that County Attorney Burton Harding is going to look into abating the county portion of the taxes if it turns out that the county is not eligible for an exemption from the state.   

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