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COVID-19 cases on the increase according to reports

MOUND CITY – On Monday, July 19, Public Health Officer Robin Spencer told the Linn County Commissioners that COVID-19 cases were up by 16 since Wednesday, July 14. She said there were 28 active cases in the county, with one person in the hospital, and one cluster related to a social event.

On Wednesday, July 21, two days after Spencer's report, the Linn County Health Department report showed an additional three cases were added, bring the total to 31. La Cygne had 15 active cases and Pleasanton had 10.

In her report to the commission, Spencer said that all positive tests were being sent to the state testing labs now to determine if they were the Delta variant. As of today, three cases from Linn County showed the Delta variant, up from a single case on Monday.

Tests in other counties are starting to show more of the Delta. Bourbon County has eight, Miami County has seven, Johnson County has 300 or so, and Crawford County has 82, she said.

Currently, Linn County has tested 126 people and has 400 tests left. Spencer said the tests were the gold standard PCR tests. These tests are also good for pre-op, pre-travel, and post-travel. The department gives a letter verifying the test results. These tests are free.

COVID vaccinations are free at the Linn County Health Department in Pleasanton. People can walk in on Wednesdays from 8:30 to noon. If that time is not good for them, they can schedule an appointment time for free.

The county has plenty of vaccine and is also doing a vaccination clinic at the Silver Creek Pharmacy in La Cygne on Thursday, July 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Spencer told the commissioners that Linn County had 33 percent of the people fully vaccinated as compared to Bourbon and Miami counties at 38 percent and Crawford at 43 percent. The vaccination rate across the state is about 39 percent.

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