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Generator's move to temporarily leave emergency office without backup

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners approved moving the 100 kilowatt generator from the county Emergency Management office at Pleasanton on Monday, April 4.

Information Technology Director Chris Martin told the commissioners that there had been one bid – from Apple Electric in Louisburg – for moving the generator and hooking it up.

The commissioners chose the option on the bid where the county crews would do the lifting of the generator at Pleasanton and and placing it in Mound City. The amount approved was for $3,975. The other option, where Apple would move it, would have cost $6,000.

The commissioners also approved Martin going out for bid on a generator for Emergency Management office to replace the one they were moving. While Martin said he thought a 25 kilowatt was sufficient for the emergency management building, he said he would like to leave the size determination to the companies that were bidding.

The 100kilowatt generator will be moved to the existing sheriff’s office to run communication and other needs if necessary. The one at the sheriff’s office will be moved to the new Justice Center.

Emergency Management Director Doug Barlet said that the emergency management office would not have a generator in case of power outage at the peak of the storm season. He said his office needs the generator as a backup to power computers and software to monitor storms.

Commissioner Rick James said they would have to move a portable generator over to Pleasanton until a new one is purchased.

Barlet said that it would have to be wired in because the previous transfer switch was disabled when the 100 kilowatt generator was installed.

“I know it’s not ideal, and we should have thought about this sooner,” said James.

James told Barlet to get whichever portable generator works and get it wired up.

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