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La Cygne Easter event draws plenty of enthusiastic egg hunters

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Egg hunters gather at the starting line at the La Cygne Community Park on Saturday morning for the annual Easter egg hunt. (Jenn Vogt/Special to the Journal)

LA CYGNE – Plenty of children – and parents and grandparents – turned out for the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 8, at La Cygne Community Park. The weather was chilly at first but quickly warmed as the hunt started.

Angel, the La Cygne Police Department's emotional support dog in training, got plenty of attention by children at the event. (Jenn Vogt/Special to the Journal)

Maci Boone and Alli Boone teach their youngsters the basics of egg hunting. (Susan Barrett/Special to the Journal)

La Cygne Police Chief Tina Fenoughty keeps Angel in check as she inspects a bucket for treats. (Jenn Vogt/Special to the Journal)

Police officer Jo LeStourgeon's pup also gets plenty of attention before the hunt. (Jenn Vogt/Special to the Journal)

Children line up for the egg hunt to begin. (Jenn Vogt/Special to the Journal)

Young egg hunters carefully pick up eggs across the park lawn. (Susan Barrett/Special to the Journal)

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