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Man appeals eviction from Linn County Park

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Dec. 5, the Linn County Commissioners were asked by Tyson Jinks to appeal being evicted from the Linn County Park. Jinks said that he had lived at the park for five years but was evicted.

County Counselor Gary Thompson suggested that West give the commissioners and Jinks a more specific written summary of what happened and then Jinks could reply in writing to the report with any questions or arguments. Since Jinks now lives out of state, the commission will let him know after they have reviewed the written summaries so he could come back to address the commission.

What West had previously written up was that Jinks had failed to comply with two directions of two park employees.

Jinks asked for clarification about what the directions were and who the park employees were.

West responded that the people were Robert Turpen and himself. He said they had asked him to step away from West’s vehicle and it was actions that occurred after that that brought about the eviction.

Jinks told the commissioners that he also has a video of the incident.

Thompson said that a question to ask is what Jinks wants from a hearing and did he want to move back to the park.

Jinks replied that his recently widowed mother-in-law still lives at the park and he would like to be able to go back and help her when needed and also visit with her on holidays. Jinks said that he did not want to move back to the park because he did not feel safe in Linn County.

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