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Tone of Jayhawk prom walk-in aided by sunset magic

Updated: Apr 25

Coralynn Bukkila and Gus Grote pause for a photo during the Jayhawk-Linn High School prom walk-in on Saturday, April 13.

Story and photos by Roger Sims,

The calm breeze and warm evening just before sunset was an ideal setting for the walk-in for the Jayhawk-Linn High School prom on Saturday, April 13. Juniors and seniors and their dates converged on the 4-H Building at the Linn County Fairgrounds.

Arriving in limousines, pickups waxed to a shine, a dirt-track racer, semi-tractors, and even a off-road utility vehicle driven by a young lady pulling young men riding barrels on wheels, students again proved that your ride was as important as the tux or gown you wore for the special evening.

Arfa Haq and Zoey Proffit at Saturday evening's walk-in. Haq is an exchange student from Pakistan.

Well over a hundred family members, friends and community members, their cell phones clicking off photos, gathered around the departure point where the students left their vehicles and walked up on a platform for a photo opportunity.

Shimmering with the setting sun, Cooper Johnson and Adison Randall watch as the other couples arrive at prom.

Once their arrival had been announced, the prom-goers became part of the crowd, straining to see how classmates arrive, who they were with, and what they were wearing. Later they would drift inside, perhaps stopping at the photo booth set up for a keepsake picture.

Eventually, they would make it into the darkened room with tables and chairs and a DJ playing a night’s worth of music.

With her wearing a turquoise squash blossom necklace and him wearing a tie to match, Harley Singer and Cody Shipley arrive at the prom.

This group opted to arrive together in an open-air utility vehicle.

Weston Cochran and Brilyn Bogan stop by the photo booth to take a keepsake photo.

Below are more photos from the prom. Want to copy a photo for personal use? Just click on the photo to get the full-size image and copy it.

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