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Youth employment, daycare, and community grants awarded

Updated: May 13

By Charlene Sims,

MOUND CITY – Linn County Economic Development Director Jessica Hightower updated the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, April 8, about grants that will be awarded to county businesses.

Hightower told the commissioners that the economic development committee met last week and awarded summer youth employment grants, a childcare grant and the first community development grant of the year.

Businesses receiving the summer youth employment grants are:

• Coleman Hardware

• Peoples Telecommunications

• Dreamscape Innovations

• Roberts Family Dental Care

• F & M Bank

• Shalom Retreat Center

• Mound City Ag

• Stainbrook’s

• Truly Insurance

• Mound City Butcher Block

Two alternate companies were chosen in case one of the above businesses was unable to hire a youth for the summer.

There are ten $1,200 grants offered every year. The county reimburses the businesses the first $4 for every hour worked up to 30 hours per week for 10 weeks. Businesses are required to pay the employee at least $8 per hour. 

Alternates are chosen because the businesses have until the first Tuesday in May to have hired an employee. If a business has not found an employee, the grant is forfeited to an alternate applicant.

Jessica Hightower reported that 20 businesses with 29 positions had applied for the grant this year, and several were first time applicants.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked, “How did you go about picking the youth grant awards?”

Hightower replied that the committee chooses the businesses after looking at all the applications. She told him that they have a scoring sheet based on the job position the number of hours worked, the pay that’s offered, whether or not the business anticipates that the position will become permanent.

The second childcare grant awarded this year was to Melody Crooks at Pleasanton.

Childcare grants are for $250 for licensed childcare providers to reimburse them for eligible expenses like registration, education hours, supplies that are not covered by other funding mechanisms, and educational materials. The grant is not intended for food or construction.

Hightower told the commissioners that the first community development grant was also awarded to the Mound City Business Coalition to help with the expenses of a concert over Labor Day weekend.

Four Community Development grants of $250 are offered for organizations that put on community events. Those grants are only available to organizations, not government agencies or individuals. 

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