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Commission postpones decision on state road grant

Updated: Jun 27

By Charlene Sims,

MOUND CITY – Having received all the information they asked for in making a decision to either accept or turn down a grant received for County Road (CR) 1095 between 1150 and 1650, Commission Chair Danny McCullough asked the other commissioners whether they wanted to table it until next week.

Commissioner Jim  Johnson said it was okay with him and Commissioner Jason Hightower did not comment. The deadline for accepting the grant is July 1.

The county received this High Risk Rural Road grant of $370,000 with a county match of $104,000 because CR 1095 rated high on the Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) that was conducted by the state in 2021. The county received and accepted a grant that improves the safety features on CR 1095 from 1650 Road to Kansas Highway 52. 

Both grants will add line of sight corrections, signage, striping, and edging (or wedging) to the sides of the road to make them safer.

The commissioners had asked Public Works Director Shaun West to get them an estimate on the cost of an outside company patching CR 1095 as compared to the road crew patching it. West got a bid from Bettis Asphalt on patching and repairing the Wall Street Road, which they are working on this summer. 

The area to be patched was comparable to the distance on CR 1095 to be patched. The bid for the patching was $29,600. Since the CR 1095 project will not take place until 2026, this amount could be different in two years.  

West told the commissioners that Linn County Asphalt Foreman Tod Moeller said that price was close to what it would cost the county to repair the road.

Jumping to Wall Street, Johnson made a motion to allow the chair to sign the proposal for patching of Wall Street, the west half by Bettis for $29,600. The motion passed unanimously.

Hightower pointed out that CR 1095 grant was just finishing out the second half of the project. He said the county already has this grant working on the north half of CR 1095 trying to get this collector road cleaned up and in better shape.

“I would say it is some of the most treacherous in Linn County as far as our paved roads go, as far as the curves,” said Hightower.

“The road floods and everything else up through there,” said Johnson.

“Do we need some more time to figure it out,” asked McCullough. “We have until July 1 you said?”

West said notification of acceptance had to be given by July 1. 

County Clerk David Lamb told the commissioners they had one more meeting before July 1.  

McCullough said they would table it until next week after asking the other commissioners. Johnson said it was fine with him, Hightower did not answer.                                                                           

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